My name is Adrian, I have 30 years experience as a locksmith. Following my family, I  am the third generation serving the local area since 1948. I am a uPVC specialist Locksmith and I repair, replace and adjust all locks, mechanisms, handles, hinges and cylinders. This is on all makes and models of uPVC, metal, wooden and composite doors and windows.

It doesn't matter how old your door or windows are, there is rarely a need to purchase a complete new door or window. Even if parts are discontinued, different makes can be retro fitted and provide the customer with a huge saving.

We recommend you use our local company and save up to 35% on the cost of all work and materials when compared with a national company or franchise.

We regularly carry out work for the local authorities, Council, magistrates and High courts and many local charities, also all age levels of the education sector, meaning we have all the security and disclosure accreditations and checks that will offer you complete peace of mind.

We are so confident with our services that we provide you with a 1 year guarantee on all work and materials.

I am an industry trained installer and have worked for a major UK uPVC manufacturer. I am cross trained in all makes and models of uPVC. This ensures I can offer assistance in gaining access when you are locked out, all adjustments, repairs and replacements.Our services include repair and replacement of cylinders, handles, mechanisms, and locks on all wooden, uPVC and aluminium, composite and bi fold doors and windows.

There are a number of reasons why your uPVC door locks, and uPVC window locks may unfortunately fail, everything from a worn out gearbox to a loose spring can cause a uPVC door or window lock to stop working. But never fear as I have the expertise, knowledge, and training to tackle all and any uPVC problems. With a range of equipment and parts on board, I will most likely be able to sort all issues within a single visit. If not, my specialist ordering procedures ensure that you have the right part within 48 hours and in the meantime I will secure your property before leaving to ensure that your home security is maintained.


By having them realigned and adjusted now, you will save yourself a significant amount of money in the near future. When you have to force the handle you are forcing the door into position, this means the gearbox takes all the strain and will break sooner rather than later, resolve the problem before it gets expensive.

If you keep forcing it, it WILL break!

Due to being a sole trader, you will not be charged a call out fee or entail hourly labour charges unlike larger companies. You will be made aware of the cost on request, prior to work commencing. In addition you will receive a quick, local, affordable and reliable service and after service. Please be aware of National and Franchise Locksmiths that appear local but are not, often using a free phone number or be prepared to pay the price!

In the over 70 years trading, we have carried out work for companies such as; Boots, Sainsburys, BP, Wimpey Homes, Cineworld, KFC, Age uk, Tesco, Barclays, PDSA, McDonalds, Aldi, Argos, MOD, Coop, Ladbrookes, NHS, Culina, Lloyds, Pizza Hut, Red Row, Hills, Superdrug, plus many more

Why Choose Us-Anti Snap Cylinders

Year on year statistics and our own personal experience has shown that burglars use a snapping method to force entry at all times of the day, whether persons are in the property or not due to this method of entry being relatively quiet and scarily quick to commit.

On many occasions, if the offence is committed whilst people are asleep in bed, they awake to discover that they have been burgled but unfortunately heard nothing.

As a burglary prevention company we attend lock snapping burglary scenes on a consistent basis as the majority of home owners/ businesses are still unaware or misinformed of the dangers of non accredited euro locks being installed. Anti snap cylinders are fitted by us as standard.